Concrete curbing is one of the most popular choices in suburban yards right now.

If you want a finished, polished look for your garden, lawn or path, landscape edging is a necessity. While edging is available in a variety of materials, concrete is usually considered one of the best options available.

Professional concrete curbing in work

Concrete curbing helps transform any area.

Edging your lawn is more than just creating a mow strip, or keeping the weeds out. It sets off what can be the largest element in your yard and garden! Its kind of like trim around a door frame or baseboard moldings around a wall. It finishes it well. So adding a lawn edging could be just what your yard was missing.
One of the most popular choices in suburban yards right now is concrete curbing. It keeps grass and weeds from easily growing under, and makes a good mow strip. Concrete is one of the most durable types of garden and lawn edging that you can choose. It isn't prone to rotting, warping, separating or other types of deterioration, even in extreme weather conditions. If you opt for poured concrete edging, it is also one of the most permanent types of edging available, so you don't have to worry about replacing it as you might with other materials such as plastic, metal or wood.

Pre-cast concrete edging in blocks, bricks and pavers also hold up well as landscape edging. If your concrete edging does happen to crack or chip, it's easy to repair. Poured concrete can be filled in with a concrete patching product, while damaged blocks, bricks or pavers can simply be replaced with new ones.

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